Roni Laub

Mortgage Loan Originator · NMLS# 1522411




  • English

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  • Utah

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Roni has been a Mortgage Loan Originator for over 4 years. Her passion is connecting with and helping people get into homes, and grow their real estate portfolio. She brings over 20 years experience to the Real Estate Industry and has been in the position of Realtor, Loan officer and Investor. She understands the process from all perspectives and is here to help the home buying process go smoothly for buyers. As a broker, she will get you the right product, and help you save money! Home buying is about turning a goal into a reality. The question that is most frequently asked is “do I qualify?” But the answer is more than “yes” or “no.” It’s important to look at how to get there and verify which loan is a smart financial decision. This enables home buyers to be savvy and in a good financial place to purchase a home. It also enables investors to have options to further invest in real estate. Roni and her family are “outdoorsy superhero geeks who love to laugh together”. She is a closet baker, a solo traveler and backpacker. She is Adventurous, Thoughtful, Energetic. Reach out and let Roni help you achieve your dream of home ownership!

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