Data Partners

By using Utah Mortgage, Inc., (dba Mox Mortgage, Nevada Home Loans), you accept that we may share your information with these data partners so they can give us the insight we need into your finances and employment that’s needed for your loan application. The information we’ll share with our partners includes, but is not limited to, your full name, birth date, address, telephone number and social security number. With the help of our data partners, we’ll access your financial accounts to verify your financial assets and income, and we’ll access your employment information to verify your employment and income.

To help us give you an experience that’s accurate and up-to-date, we may refresh your account information periodically while your loan is in process. If you close your mortgage with us, we may retain your information for up to 7 years after your last contact with us. If your application is withdrawn or denied, the amount of time that we retain your information will be less than that.

Utah Mortgage, Inc., (dba Mox Mortgage, Nevada Home Loans) Data Partners include:

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